Terms of Use / Service

Last Updated August 1st 2017

We encourage all our users to look at our Terms of Use/Service carefully and before using our platform and also refer to the accompanying documents that go into greater detail than that covered in this policy.

It is important to note that by using ExpertiseDirect.com you are agreeing with all of our terms and conditions inclusively. If you do not agree with the terms we have set out in this document or any of our other policies then you may cease your use of our site effective immediately.


We remind our users that we do not accept liability for any of the information provided by any of our users on our site (i.e. including but not limited to: any information or advice you may receive while in a consultation with one of the experts registered on our platform, or any information experts may offer through their bio in the form of PDF’s or links to other data sources).  We do not endorse or promote any of the opinions or content shared by any users of our site unless otherwise stated and cannot be held responsible for anything that is not directly posted by us. We are unable to guarantee that the information posted by our users is correct at any time and by using this site you the user agree that you are obtaining advice from an expert or experts totally independent of ExpertiseDirect.com. We also do not accept liability for any loss whatsoever you may incur from the use of our site or in connection with our site.

By agreeing to consult with an expert registered on ExpertiseDirect.com you are agreeing that you are entering into a contract for provision of services with the expert and that you may be open to legal action from the expert if you do not pay your bill in full automatically upon completion of your consultation.


At ExpertiseDiret.com we do our best to ensure that our users’ privacy is upheld. However, in saying that, we cannot ensure the complete protection of our user’s data (as is the nature of the internet). If you wish to find out more about our policies with regards to privacy and how we collect and use that data of our users you may refer to our Privacy Policy which is also linked at the bottom of our website.


We at Expertise Direct do not condone the use or publication of any material, by our users that could be construed as infringing on any copyright and we do not accept liability for the consequences that may arise from the publication of this material by the users of our platform. Unless it is otherwise brought to our attention, we cannot guarantee that we have removed all copyrighted information from the site at any time.

Links to other Webpages

As is the nature of our website, especially relating to experts’ bios, there will be links to other websites or pages (including but not limited to, affiliate pages our experts may be connected with or studies an expert has published or may wish to cite). It is to be understood that although these pages may be linked on our site, unless otherwise stated we in no way endorse these sites and cannot be held responsible for their data protection standards or general policies that you may have issue with. By saying this, we hope that when browsing these other sites linked on Expertise Direct that you read these sites’ individual Privacy Policies in order to ensure you are entirely happy with how they collect and store information on you as a user. These other sites may have different cookie policies.

Permitted Use

It is important to us that our users understand what our platform may and may not be used for, as such we have devised an Acceptable Use policy which can be found at the bottom of our website which will advise you as to what is deemed appropriate in terms of how you utilise our platform.

Modification of Terms

We reserve the right to update any of our terms relating to any of our policies without prior notification to our users, therefore we encourage our users to keep up to date with our Terms and Conditions as our modifications will become effective upon their change on the site.

Our Opt-Out Policy / Termination

All users may delete their accounts at any time for any reason they deem necessary. However, upon deletion, as is the nature of the internet and the gathering of data we cannot guarantee the complete deletion of all data relating to said user’s account. We reserve the right to terminate any user’s account for any reported misconduct or any other behaviour a reasonably objective person would deem worthy of termination.

Governing Law

Expertise Direct Ltd is an Irish company and as such is governed under the laws of the Irish State. As such, any disputes will be taken care of under Irish Law and through the Irish legal system.