Troubleshooting technical issues

Our aim with Expertise Direct is to make the process of giving and receiving expert advice as simple as possible. If you are having trouble please ensure you meet the following requirements:


  1. You have a broadband connection.
    You need to ensure that you are on as fast a connection as possible. Sending and receiving high quality video requires a good broadband connection. 

  2. You are on a Desktop.
    We do plan on supporting mobile devices, currently Apple is only supporting the latest technology from iOS11. Once we are confident we can provide a secure, high quality service to the majority of mobile devices we will roll out mobile support.

  3. You are Using Google Chrome.
    The technology we are using to allow people to connect to each other through a Browser is cutting edge and we want to ensure as good a service as is possible to provide. For that reason we are focussing on Google Chrome and will roll out to other Browsers as soon as we are confident the service is great for you!

  4. You have a webcam.
    The desktop computer you use to connect must have a webcam attached. You can search for Experts, send and recieve notifications but you will be unable to make a call until you allow access to your webcam and microphone.

  5. You have allowed us to access the Webcam
    Dependant on the browser you use you will be asked to give permission. We recommend you also check the option "always allow" if it is available.