Expertise Direct Privacy Policy

Last updated 25th May 2018

Our users’ privacy when using is of upmost importance to us therefore we have drafted this privacy policy to inform our users of the ways in which we gather, use, divulge and manage both our consumers’ and Experts’ data. Below we have explained the ways in which we gather and use information alongside other relevant information we feel you may wish to view.

By using our website it is understood that you fully agree with our privacy policy and if you do not then you will discontinue your use of the site.

Please note that we reserve the right to change terms in our Privacy Policy without prior notification to our users so it is important that our users keep up to date with our Privacy Policy which is easily accessible at the bottom of our website. The changes in terms come into effect immediately once they are revised and updated onto our website. Should there be any changes in our policies, we will inform our users where appropriate, via email or other means of communication after these changes comes into effect.


Your Rights 

GDPR gives the user specific rights relating to your personal data. Expertise Direct want to make these rights as transparent as possible for our users and easy for them to take advantage of. The rights afforded to our users under these are as follows:

  1. The right of access- Users of the Expertise Direct platform are entitled to request access to the personal data that is stored on them.
  2. The right of rectification- Should there be an error in this information, users are entitled to request that this data be rectified.
  3. The Right of erasure- Users have the right to request that we delete the personal information held on them.
  4. The Right to restrict processing- users have the right to request that we either periodically or permanently sop processing all or some of their personal data.
  5. The right to object to processing- users have the right to object to their data being processed for direct marketing purposes or relating to their particular situation.
  6. The right to withdraw consent- users are entitled to withdraw consent at any time however this will have no effect on the lawfulness of how their data was collected prior to the withdrawal of consent.
  7. The right to data portability- Users have the right to request copies of their personal data in an electronic format.
  8. The right to complain- Users can also complain if they feel their Personal Data has been processed unlawfully. This can be done by lodging a complaint with the supervisory authority that deals with data protection.


Information that we collect

The information that is collected from you as a user can be broken down into two Categories: 1. Information we get off you at registration, i.e. information you willingly provide us with and, 2. Information that is collected automatically when you use the site.

  1. Information you provide us with- This information can personally identify you and is the information that you input into our Expertise Direct registration form, i.e. your name, email address and password, and in the case of our Experts, your bio, including: your name, email address, place of residence, relevant qualifications, personal achievements and any other information you share within your expert’s page.
  2. Information that is collected automatically- This relates to information we gather from your general use of our site including but not limited to your language preferences, your IP address, browser type and version, time-zone, operating system, pages visited, what Experts you book through our site, if you found our site through a link on social media or through an advertisement and other information based on your general usage of our website. This information although useful to us does not personally identify you.

How we Use & Share Your Information

  1. Personally identifiable information: The reason we collect personally identifiable information is mainly for contact purposes and to enhance user experience when using our platform. This information is used to contact users regarding updates on the platform including but not limited to, the introduction of new features and site updates detailing what they are and how they work for the benefit of our users. This information is beneficial to us and also to you as a user as we are able to disseminate relevant information about our site to you through email and other communication methods. The information we send out to you is all seen by us to benefit you as a user, that being said, if you feel you do not wish to be part of this communication feel free to contact us at where we will seek to resolve any issue you may have as quickly as possible. It is important to note that when setting up an expert profile that this will be publicly visible as this is necessary for the core functionality of our website. The legal basis for our collection of this data is for the purposes of performing a contract and for a legitimate interest, users may withdraw consent at any stage by unsubscribing form our newsletters. 


  1. Information Collected Automatically (non-identifiable): Information that is collected automatically including but not limited to your general preferences when using the site and how you found the site are mainly used for analytical purposes to help us better understand user habits and trends. This data subsequently helps us to generate better content and improve our user interface with the goal of making our website even easier to navigate. Should you contact us we keep a record of this correspondence the legal basis for this processing is our legitimate interests, in particular, being able to contact you and keep our information on you up to date and accurate. This information may be used for the purposes of statistical analysis, to carry out marketing, to improve the services we offer and to carry out obligations we have as a company to our users. 


Cookies are used to enhance user experience and for convenience purposes while using a website. Most modern websites issue cookies as it allows them to store information on the user and therefore improve user experience with repeated use.  These cookies also help us to send you targeted ads, which keeps the user up to date with all improvements and events we may have that are relevant specifically to them.

Simply put a ‘cookie’ is a minor file or part thereof containing user specific information (for example log in details or ‘most visited pages’) which is created by a website. Websites are subsequently able to read back these files and create user specific material whilst improving all round performance and ease of use for each user specifically.

If you are concerned about the use of cookies and their storage of information from your user habits, you may wish to disable or delete them which can all be done through your browser settings. Furthermore you may wish to not accept the use of cookies whilst using our website, however whilst doing so, you must understand that some features of our website may not function properly.

Payment Information

Expertise Direct does not store any credit or debit card information. All payments are done through PayPal and as such we advise reading their privacy policy


Use of our Direct Messaging Service

Expertise Direct uses the direct messaging service ‘Intercom’. This support can be used by our users once logged in to contact our team quickly and directly for customer service purposes. Information on new features, updates and helpful information is also disseminated through this app. As such, personal information is shared with this site as a 3rd party, the legal basis for this is legitimate interest, it allows us to contact users directly and keep up to date and accurate information on our users to provide them with the best service possible.  Users can request to not have their information stored by this site at any time by contacting us either through the app or emailing us directly using the following address: Here is a link to Intercom's Privacy Policy. 


Sale, Acquisition or merger of Expertise Direct

In the future Expertise Direct may merge with another company, be acquired or sold. In the event of any of these happening we reserve the right to transfer all data we have gathered to our successors or business partners. This meaning, that the stored information may be given to a third party. However in the event of these occurrences you will be notified by email.

Legal Investigations and other Legal Issues

In the event of a legal investigation, Expertise Direct Ltd will share information gathered on the site, both personal and non-personal with the authorities, Government or any other legal bodies we deem necessary to comply with the law. We also reserve the right to report any suspicious activity we feel the authorities need to know of and in doing so share all information we have on the user(s) in question.

Links to other Webpages

As is the nature of our website, especially relating to experts’ bios, there will be links to other websites or pages (including but not limited to, affiliate pages our experts may be connected with or studies an expert has published or may wish to cite). It is to be understood that although these pages may be linked on our site, unless otherwise stated we in no way endorse these sites and cannot be held responsible for their data protection standards or general policies that you may have issue with. By saying this, we hope that when browsing these other sites linked on Expertise Direct that you read these sites’ individual Privacy Policies in order to ensure you are entirely happy with how they collect and store information on you as a user. These other sites may have different cookie policies.

Security Measures

Our IT team here at Expertise Direct have included security measures within our platform that they deem necessary to protect your information as well as they are able. Although we have implemented such measures, we cannot fully guarantee their total effectiveness as when dealing with the web, new security threats can appear at any time, therefore we cannot guarantee the full protection of all the information that you input into Expertise Direct or the information that we subsequently gather about you through your use of the platform.

Dealing with Minors, Digital Consent & Privacy

The current age of digital consent in Ireland is 13. Given that we at Expertise Direct have a category on our site entitled Education we would envisage that the site may be used by teenagers and adults alike. That being said we do not knowingly store information on children under the age of 13, nor do we expect the usage of our site by any child under the age of 13. If we are made aware that we have stored information on any child under the age of 13 then we will delete this stored information as quickly as possible. We also recommend that any person under the age of 18 that is linking with an expert for advice should do so under the supervision of a relevant guardian or parent at all times.

Emailing System, How to Opt-Out & the Removal of Your Account

Signing up for Expertise Direct means that you will on occasion receive emails from us where we will disseminate relevant information including but not limited to information on upcoming competitions we may be running, the introduction of new features to our website and a guide on how to utilise or implement such features and other promotional information or information we feel may benefit you as a user of our platform. That being said you do reserve the right to Opt-Out of said emails or communication and can do so by following the steps in these emails when we send them to you.

You may also wish to delete your Expertise Direct account and can do so by following the steps on our website, you should find this option within your user profile both for experts and consumers.

Relocation of Personal Information Internationally

Due to the fact that Expertise Direct Ltd is an Irish company and our IT department is based in Ireland, it is important to note that as an international user or user outside of Ireland that your personal information will be transferred to be processed in Ireland therefore it is necessary to bear in mind that Ireland may not have the same data protection laws as your country and as such you may not receive the same data protection that you would in your respective countries.

Contacting Us

Please do not hesitate to contact us here at Expertise Direct if you have any query as regards our Privacy Policy or you feel there may be an issue with your data protection in any way. Should you wish to gain access to, delete any or correct any of your Personal Data, we will be more than happy to help and will seek to rectify your concerns as quickly as possible. You may contact us directly at