Alternative Medicine

David Jeffery



I graduated from the Practical School of Homeopathy in 1996 and then progressed on to the Jeremy Sherr "Dynamis School" from where I was accredited with a Diploma as "Practitioner of Classical Homeopathy" I further studied Natural Nutrition and Iridology and have been registered with the Irish Institute Of Iridology since 2005. since then I have continued with practitioner development both with Jan Scholten, in the Netherlands and the Sehgal Brothers Revolutionised Homeopathic Method.

Employment History

Current Employment

Cork Homeopathic Clinic , Cork ,Republic of Ireland
Start Date: 19 January 1997
Description: practitioner of homeopathic medicine and nutritional support .


College Of Practical Homeopathy
Duration: 09/1992 - 06/1996
Qualification: Lic.Hom
Description: a licence to practice homeopathic medicine
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