Sexologist/ Psychologist

Marta Biczkowska - Dublin, IE

Sex and intimate relationships are the focus of sexologist and psycholgist Marta Biczkowska MSc, BA. She provides evaluation and treatment for women, men and couples who want to engage authentically in fulfilling relationships. Marta trained at Trinity College Dublin and completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Sexology. Her expertise includes a range of issues i.e. sexual avoidance, diminis

Sexologist / Sexual Health Professional

Dr. Ashkan Ilami - , AU

Ashkan Ilami, MD, MSexol, is a Medical Doctor who received a Master's degree in Sexology in Australia. Dr. Ashkan Ilami is an interdisciplinary sexologist who is helping people with sexual and relationship issues/concerns/problems. Dr. Ashkan Ilami is a sexologist with an interest in integrative, holistic and Bio-Psycho-Social approaches regarding sexual issues. I am happy to share my knowle

Sexologist / Psychologist

Christa Coetzee - Pretoria, ZA

Christa Coetzee is a practicing Psychologist and Sexologist that completed her masters’ degree in Educational Psychology and her pre-graduate studies in Social Work and is an accredited EFS/ESSM Certified Psycho-Sexologist (ECPS). I am in private practice (since 1997) and often engages in public speaking activities covering sexual health concern topics. I have years of experience working with i

Sexologist / Sex Therapist / Sexuality Educator

Dr. Reece Malone - Winnipeg, CA

Dr. Reece Malone holds a Masters of Public Health and a Doctorate of Human Sexuality. He has certifications in sexology, sex therapy and sexuality education. He dedicates his practice to individual healing, relationship transformation, answering sexuality questions as well as facilitating processes for service organizations to integrate sex-positive, and inclusive service delivery. His welcomes al