Russian language (A1-B2) tutor

Alexander Bychkov - Volzhskiy, RU

I’m 54 (2018). I grew up in Kazakhstan (USSR), graduated from Ufa pedagogic university and lived for 20 years in Bashkiria (cent. Russia). Now I live next to Volgograd (Stalingrad). I appreciate a good sense of humor. I love thinking/talking about cultures & life in general and detail, reading about history. I’ve been teaching English on-line since June 2008. In 2011, I did a course of teach

Interpreter, English language tutor, Russian language tutor

Anton Michshenko - Burgas, BG

My name is Anton. I am simultaneous interpreter and language tutor. I developed my own method of teaching speaking aspect of English and Russian Languages, suitable for the pupils of all ages and starting levels. I pay attention not only to the language itself, but also to the psychological factor – bridging over the speaking barrier. Living in different countries, I have experience to unders

Russian Tutor

Kelly Egan - Ogdensburg, US

I studied at West Chester University in Pennsylvania, USA and earned a degree in Russian language and culture. I went on the earn a graduate degree in Russian and Eurasian Studies at European University at St. Petersburg in St. Petersburg, Russia followed by an intensive three-month language course, also in Russia. I love to share the study of language with others who are interested in learning fo

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Russian-English translator, academic skills tutor and content writer

Elena Goodwin - Exeter, GB

I have worked as a freelance English-Russian translator and interpreter in Russia and England since 2000. I have a PhD in Russian Studies (2016) from the University of Exeter (UK). I've been teaching Russian-English translation and academic skills in higher education environment in the UK since 2015. I have also been tutoring private students since 2016, providing classes in Russian and Engli

English - Russian Translator & Interpretator

Diana Mirsaeva - , AR

I'm a professional translator and interpreter from Russia with a strong passion for languages and travelling. After graduating from the university in Moscow, I've lived and worked in Latin America for about 2 years. It gave me a priceless experience of communicating with people from different backgrounds and various spheres and helps me now in my professional career and life.