Russian language (A1-B2) tutor

Alexander Bychkov - Volzhskiy, RU

I’m 54 (2018). I grew up in Kazakhstan (USSR), graduated from Ufa pedagogic university and lived for 20 years in Bashkiria (cent. Russia). Now I live next to Volgograd (Stalingrad). I appreciate a good sense of humor. I love thinking/talking about cultures & life in general and detail, reading about history. I’ve been teaching English on-line since June 2008. In 2011, I did a course of teach

Russian Tutor

Kelly Egan - Ogdensburg, US

I studied at West Chester University in Pennsylvania, USA and earned a degree in Russian language and culture. I went on the earn a graduate degree in Russian and Eurasian Studies at European University at St. Petersburg in St. Petersburg, Russia followed by an intensive three-month language course, also in Russia. I love to share the study of language with others who are interested in learning fo

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Arabic tutor

Raghad Fakhani - -, AE

My name is Raghad from Syria. I am a native speaker of Arabic with a very good degree in Arabic literature from Damascus University. I have been teaching the Arabic language since 2008.Because I am from Syria I am teaching the Syrian dialect and the standard Arabic. In addition, I am working as a proofreader for Arabic texts, and an Arabic book narrator. Feel free to ask me anything related to