chemistry expert

Ashok Kumar - narwana, IN

I am a lecturer working as an online as well as an offline Tutor . I teach Chemistry and have experience of more than 5 years. I love teaching, and it's my passion. I always teach in a way that allows the student to be comfortable, whilst thoroughly helping them with their area of difficulty.

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Julie Hoy - Pasadena, US

I work with students who have low confidence in their math and science abilities. You are absolutely capable of learning these tough concepts if you have someone teach them to you in way that matches your style of learning. We work at your pace, in order to find where your sticking points are to clear up the confusions. I work with students who have learning differences and IEPs and want the benef

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Math/Physics Tutor

Hakeem Suggs - , US

Hello there, my name is Hakeem Suggs. I currently work as a Math/Physics tutor at a community college that I graduated from in 2012. The degree that I obtain there is an Associates in Science. I am well versed in algebra, trigonometry, calculus, quantitative literacy, algebra based physics, calculus based physics and conceptual physics.

Freelance Tutor

Chandrasekhar Kattekola - Hyderabad, IN

I am K.Chandrasekhar, M.Sc Mathematics with PGHDCA , from Hyderabad,Telangana, India. I have been taking Maths and Science classes at home for students of all classes , from all countries and from 1 to 10th grade and Intermediate (XI,XII) , since Five years. Previously I have worked as faculty . I have full confidence of doing the job well. I teach for all boards l

A Level Chemistry Tutor

Paul Morgan - Burnley, GB

Former Atomic Energy Authority Nuclear Waste Project Manager. Fully qualified A Level Chemistry Tutor. Published scientist. Helps A Level Chemistry students who were successful at GCSE understand the difficult topics in A Level Chemistry and reach their full potential.

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Chemistry and Physics Tutor

Hannah Nutley - Nottingham, GB

I am a fully Qualified Teacher graded Good to Outstanding with 5 years experience in mainstream UK schools teaching Chemistry, Physics and Biology up to GCSE and Chemistry and Physics to A-level. I also work as a tutor to child actors on film sets, a personal tutor and am a licenced chaperone. I am extremely passionate about my work and have an outstanding track record of improving student grades