Counsellor & Psychotherapist

Meeray Ghaly - Brisbane, AU

Meeray empowers people to live their best life, understand their challenges and reconnect deeply with themselves through careful listening and seeing practices. Her approach is relaxed, empathic and person centred. Founder of Living Neuro, a practice that combines ten years of experience across therapeutic, creative and teaching spaces offering counselling, psychotherapy and neurofeedback. Meeray


Ruth Benstead - Chinley , GB

Welcome: I am a Registered Counsellor with The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. I work with all aspects of emotional wellbeing and also specialise in working with people who have experienced Domestic or Sexual Abuse which has lead to Trauma PTSD or Dissociation (DID) I work with Individuals Couples and Young people from age 14yrs onwards. I have a wealth of experience in

Marriage & Family Therapy

Dr.wendy O - Los Angeles, US

Dr. Wendy M. O’Connor is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Relationship Coach, Sports Psychology, Recovery Counselor with a private practice in Brentwood & Encino California. She specializes in teaching secure attachment & technology IRL (in real life) & Cyberspace. She has worked in various settings with over twenty years of experience in the community. She also provides Global Life Co

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Darren Magee - Belfast, GB

I am an integrative counsellor and draw on a range of disciplines to maximise support for my clients. I have many years experience working with individuals and couples. I am author of the books, 'When It's Him' and, 'Surviving Other People's Self Esteem'.

Stress Management and Holistic Therapist

Valerie Lagrave - Glasthule, IE

Stress Management has been a life changing experience for me and for my clients. I love my work and witnessing people transform, grow, reboot and take charge of their lives. I listen with compassion and non-judgement, and encourage my clients to reconnect with that part of themselves who knows the answers. With new tools and determination, we can change the way we handle stress, and relearn to see

Senior CBT Therapist

Tina Connor - Norwich, GB

I have been working in Mental Health for a number of years. I have worked in Care even longer. My skills are in Education, Forensics, Special Needs and Young People.

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Coach, Psychologist, Trauma Therapist

Belinda Rydings - London, GB

Want to change something but don't know how? I work with people who want to create change in their work or personal life where they feel blocked, stuck or confused. My professional and ethical practice is underpinned by current theories and practices from Coaching, Psychology and Psychotherapy. I have a Masters Degree in Coaching Psychology, undertake regular CPD and Supervision, and hold Pr

Mental Health Counselor and Elite Life Coach

Maria Camacho - , US

As a licensed mental health counselor and Elite Life Coach, I can provide services in various areas. I have experience working with individuals in the areas of marriage and family therapy, individual therapy, crisis counselor and issues in higher education. Contact me to further discuss how I an help you live the life that you desire.


Jeannette Kavanagh - Yarraville, AU

I work as a psychotherapist in Melbourne specialising in treating Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), anxiety, depression and post trauma. Via my relationship counselling, I work with couples, families and individuals to create more harmony in their lives. I trained at the Milton Erickson Institute so take a solution-oriented approach to life and to my work.

Anger Management, Stress Management.

Pradeep Chadha - Dublin 15, IE

Already engaged in effective online services, Pradeep has authored two books. Pradeep has discovered that the spirituality of the East and Science of the West have been talking about the same thing but in different languages. He has developed innovative and effective methods of bringing about changes in a person's life using only breathing and imagery.Pradeep has nearly three decades of exper

Registered Mental Health Counselor

Crystal Raullerson - Orlando, US

I am a passionate counselor who assists individuals with mental health issues, providing them with HOPE for their future. have over thirteen years of experience in the mental health field. My expertise is in Foster Care Trauma, Adoption Related Trauma, Sexual Abuse Victims, Domestic Violence Victims, Mood Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, PTSD, Opposition and Defiance Disorders and Substance/ Alcoh

Mental Health Counselor

Christina Stanco - n/a, US

Learn skills that will change your life and promote a mentally confident, healthier you. I can help with depression, anxiety, relationship issues, skill building, mindfulness etc. I can guide you on how to "retrain your brain" to engage in more positive, less anxious thinking that will change your life for the better.

Counselor For The Haunted

Janet I. Haas - Fowler, US

Hello, I'm Janet I. Haas & I've been a Counselor For The Haunted for 23 years. I have been haunted for 61 years, so I know what it's like to be woken up by ghosts in the middle of the night. I see ghosts 👻 24/7/365. I see ghosts wherever I go. It's like the Matrix, some of us see them, hear them & feel their touch, others just see shadows, feel like they're not alone. I

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Ashley Wolke - , US

Psychotherapist- Counsellor

Cherena Morlese - Colnbrook Slough , GB

Behavioural Therapist inc. Neuro-Metaphysics

Hally Rhiannon-Nammu - St Kilda, AU

Renowned subject matter expert (& qualified in) - Behavioural Therapy, Neuro-metaphysics, Counselling, Sex Therapy, NLP, Coaching, Environmental Energetics & much more! With over 25 years experience in health & wellbeing & a background covering the many facets of business. The person that can help when no one else can.