Doctor of Veterinary Medicine/Forensic Consulting

J Bruce Robertson - Ontario, CA

23 Years of Professional Experience. Provides consultation and expert witness services to cases involving veterinary medicine and the legal system. Can include cases of animal abuse as well as considerations of alleged misconduct against animal health professionals. I work independently with either defence or prosecution teams. I also provide consultation services to animal shelters. This may

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Kenrith Carter - , US

I have experience in medical and surgical management of the following species: Domestic animals: Dogs and cats Farm animals: Cattle, Sheep, Goat, Pigs Horses Poultry: Ducks, Chickens, Turkeys Primates: Monkeys, Lemurs Exotic Birds: Parrots, etc Small furries: Rabbits, Ferrets, rats, etc Wild animals Reptiles: sankes, turtles, lizards, chameleons, Tortoises Fish


Rajdeep Multani - Brampton, CA

Small animal veterinarian with expertise in Emergency medicine with specific interests in Radiology, Surgery, internal medicine and preventative medicine work.