Last Update: August 1, 2017

Where not blocked already, our server may issue cookies. Cookies are used to enhance user experience and for convenience purposes whilst using a website. Most modern websites issue cookies as it allows them to store information on the user and therefore improve user experience with repeated use.  These cookies also help us to send you targeted ads, which keep the user up to date with all improvements and events we may have, that are relevant specifically to them.

Definition of ‘Cookies’

Simply put a ‘cookie’ is a minor file or part thereof containing user specific information (for example log in details or ‘most visited pages’) which is created by a website. Websites are subsequently able to read back these files and create user specific material whilst improving all round performance and ease of use for each specific user.

We break our cookies down into 4 types, including: First party cookies, Third party cookies, Session cookies and Persistent cookies.

First party cookies: these are cookies issued directly by us designed to improve your use of our website.

Third party cookies: These are cookies not issued by us but instead set out by different websites whilst you browse. An example being LinkedIn, they may issue cookies to you if you click their link from the platform whilst using our site.

Session cookies: these are cookies that cease once you end your browsing session. Your information is only stored for the duration of your use of the website.

Persistent Cookies: These cookies outlast your current browsing session. They are ever present on the user’s web browser unless the user either deletes them or they become outdated and expire. They generally expire within 6 months.

Advertisements and authorised third parties

From time to time Expertise Direct may use third party companies and service providers to conduct events including but not limited to competitions and advertising campaigns. As such, they may collect information on users of our site including their IP-address and other such information. They may subsequently issue cookies to said users in the interest of tailored advertising and enhanced user experience relating to Expertise Direct Ltd. Saying this; we do have measures in place to prevent unauthorised third parties from collecting user’s personal information and issuing cookies.

The Types of Cookies We Use

Here at Expertise Direct Ltd we use a number of different types of cookies all designed to enhance user experience when using our platform. These cookies include strictly necessary cookies, Cookies relating to functionality Performance Cookies, and Targeting Cookies & Cookies relating to Advertisements

Strictly Necessary cookies: According to cookie law, strictly necessary cookies have not been accurately defined, although general consensus would dictate that this be looked at in quite confined terms. These cookies (as the name would suggest) are necessary for the complete use of a sites features, and may be used for example if a user wished to make a secure online payment then there are cookies that can help them through this process. As this request implies user consent, there is no need for the website to directly ask for consent.  

Cookies Relating to Functionality: These cookies are designed to store information on how a user uses the website, for example, what currency they chose when previously using the website. This knowledge helps the site improve your experience by remembering things the user has previously engaged with or other preferences the user previously had whilst using the site.

Performance Cookies: these cookies are used in order to help the user whilst using the website. Information on how they use the site is stored, rather than personal information on the user. This information gathered helps the user navigate the site based on past actions and most visited pages etc.

Targeting Cookies & Cookies relating to Advertisements: We may use cookies that specifically cater to advertisements, to previous or current users based on information we acquired, during their use of our site. These cookies are important for us as catering advertisements to individuals’ increases user engagement with our website and generally makes their experience with our company better for both them and us.

Flash Cookies

We also may utilise flash cookies which are slightly different from the normal cookies that are used, therefore they can’t be removed or controlled the same way that normal cookies would be. These cookies are used to deliver special content and are automatically installed onto your computer.

How to reject Cookies

We understand that some users may not be comfortable with their information being stored through cookies. Cookies are actually quite easy to disable, enable or delete and can be done through your browser settings usually at the top right hand corner of your browsing tab. These settings are usually found in the Help, Tools or Edit options in that section. However by doing this, you may decrease the usability of the platform.

Contacting Expertise Direct Ltd

If you have any issues regarding our cookie policy, please do not hesitate to contact us at 

You may also find it useful to read through our Privacy Policy which includes further information about our cookie policy and its uses.