Is My Low Back Pain Serious?

06 August 2019

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12 “Red Flags” to look out for with low back pain.

Most of us have suffered from low back pain at some point in our lives but how do you know when your physician may want to investigate further?


Your physician will normally look out for the following signs and symptoms that suggest your low back pain needs to be further investigated urgently and/or requires Specialist assessment.

Obviously, all the signs and symptoms do not have to be present at the same time and a combination of these signs or symptoms, one by itself, or even having none of the "Red Flag" signs or symptoms with low back pain but taking other factors into consideration, may be enough for further assessment and investigation.

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What are Anxiety Attack Symptoms?

31 July 2019

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We have all suffered from anxiety at one time or another but if anxiety symptoms are prolonged this may have a devastating effect on your daily living. In this blog we will look at symptoms of anxiety and how this condition can be helped. 

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Buying a Dog?

30 July 2019

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It is the age-old cry “Dad or Mom can we buy a dog?  Please we will look after it. We promise”.

This is one of those situations that demands some thought. Preferably sitting in a quiet room away from the kids and with a sheet pf paper listing the pros and cons for you, and I emphasise for you of buying a dog.

Before you drop $500 on a cute puppy that your child wants, think of the following points;

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