The World is Changing - How Expertise Direct will shape your future

18 April 2017

The World is Changing - How Expertise Direct will shape your future

Work Differently

Change – The need to adapt 

Over the past few years you have seen how quickly the world is changing, how long-established moulds are being broken. The rise of the internet has changed the world. For those who have ridden the wave, it has made great fortunes, for those who ignored it, they found themselves buried beneath the debris.

The introduction of the internet brought with it open access to content; email / information / entertainment.

The next step was the introduction of E-Commerce. Stores around the world were devastated by the introduction of this. For the first time in History, they became redundant. Why travel when you can get whatever it is that you desire, sent straight to your home, with just a few clicks.

We must clarify, however, that not all store owners were impacted negatively. Only the ones who failed to adapt to the changing times. The store owners who did adapt, thrived. By taking action, they found themselves in an environment that provided them with unlimited access to potential customers, all over the world.

Small stores became million dollar companies within a few years. Were the individuals behind these stores smarter than everyone else? Not necessarily. They merely raised their heads above the noise and took notice of the wave that was about to crush them. They thrived because they not only paid attention to how things were changing, but they also took action to make sure that they did not miss out.

Disruption – Are you safe?

Most recently, we have seen the rise of Social Media. Companies such as Skype, Facebook and YouTube, brought forth the ‘Internet of People’. These platforms allowed unprecedented access to people from all over the world.

The founders of Airbnb and Uber then pioneered the next step. They combined e-commerce with these networking developments and created global companies that have shaken the world by the force of their disruption

You have seen what Uber has done to the taxi industry. You have seen the impact that Airbnb has had on the hospitality industry. Yet you may still think to yourself that there is no way that my job, or my career could be put at risk by change such as this. But that’s exactly what the taxi drivers, the hotel owners and the store owners believed.

It is no longer a question of IF this will happen to you, but a question of WHEN this will happen to you. The world is not slowing down. Change is occurring faster and faster every year and it will impact upon your business and your career. That is, unless you take responsibility for your future. Traditional ways of doing business are dying, and your business will die, just as easily as the shop owners’ who failed to adapt to the changing times.   

What Now Then?

Ok so how do I do something about this? I’m not a store owner. I don’t sell products. I sell services. My skills revolve around dealing with clients, so how am I supposed to take my business online?

Well this is why we have created - the next step towards transforming traditional ways of doing business.