Supercharge Your Upwork Business with

20 July 2017

Supercharge Your Upwork Business with

Freelancing Opportunities

So you have departed from traditional ways of doing business. You have set up shop for yourself online. You sell your services to employers browsing for someone with your skills, and hopefully you have achieved a degree of autonomy and freedom that so few people get to enjoy!

But maybe things aren’t working out as well as you had hoped. As Freelancing has become more and more popular, you have seen the marketplace become more and more crowded. A quick browse around Upwork uncovers many people doing the same thing as you, perhaps at a cheaper rate.

You’re having to spend more time applying for jobs and conversing with potential employers, for free, who then decide to go with somebody else. Maybe you are better than your competitors, but your application gets lost in the noise of others scrambling to get the work that is being offered.

Set Yourself Apart…

  • You need an edge. You need to separate yourself from the many applicants applying for the same job. If only you could talk to your prospective employer. Or better yet, what if they came directly to you looking to connect?
  • You need a platform from which you can talk to clients, who come to you personally, and who pay you for the time spent talking to them.
  • Another limitation with working on Upwork is that your work is limited to Business to Business interactions. This is a very formal and controlled pool to be working exclusively in. Maybe your work could benefit from a much larger and less formal base of not just Business to Business interactions, but also Business to Consumer interactions.
  • So you need a way to have conversations directly with prospective clients. You need a way to gain access to general consumers who may be looking for your expertise. You need a way to supercharge your Upwork business. Well this is why the creation of is so important for you. Expertise Direct allows you to raise your head above the noise of competitors and to achieve the kind of voice and authority that will bring your business to new levels.