Monetise Your LinkedIn Connections with

19 July 2017

Monetise Your LinkedIn Connections with


Imagine that your LinkedIn profile is a store that you own. Hundreds of customers are in your store browsing around. Better yet, these aren’t just any customers, these are the decision makers within their respective organisations, and they are there specifically to learn about and to connect with you.

So your store is full of prospective consumers, interested in you, interested in what you do and what you have to say. And that’s great because your walls are covered in content for them to consume. They can read about how knowledgeable you are and how well connected you are. They can see how educated and experienced you are. Maybe they’d even like to work with you, or perhaps they just want to get your advice. A gathering of warm leads, of interested customers such as this, is every store owners dream.

So they finish reading your content, they look around the shop once more, and they walk out the door. You sit back in the store room, peeking around the corner as potential customers and clients continuously filter in and out. Congratulations, you have a very busy store but a very empty bank account.

So you sit back and you wonder, what’s the problem here? I’ve attracted hundreds of potential clients. They like my shop and they like me. I’ve even exchanged messages with many of these clients, and spent considerable time giving away free advice. So why do they just keep walking out the door, and what difference is this really making to my income?

This problem arises due to a lack of any call to action. Hundreds of people enter your store. They consume as much content as they desire. They become interested in you, and they see that many others are interested in you. After all, look at all of those connections! But the time comes when these potential consumers finally stop and look up. Their eyes search the store for something to buy, their hands extended towards their wallets. They glance around confused as they see nothing but more content, or perhaps other doors leading off to rooms, populated with content from your social media pages. So you sit back and you watch as they shrug their shoulders and they walk out.

From a sales perspective, you have stopped just one step short of converting a prospect into a paying client. Once again, this is because of a lack of any call to action; the final step that marks the difference between someone walking out of your store leaving you empty handed, or you closing up for the day and strolling happily to the bank.


So, wouldn’t it be great if you could add a call to action to your LinkedIn profile, or at the end of any articles that you write, or posts that you create? And better yet, what if this ‘call to action’ was simply a URL Link? Something that can be copy and pasted into any post or any profile in a matter of seconds. Suddenly, your connections and readers become viable clients.

But, a URL Link to what exactly? Let me introduce you to