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27 February 2019

Homeopathic Medicine - Medicine of the future today!

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by David Jeffery


When we interact with our external environment as human beings, our body is constantly making minute adjustments in order to maintain the internal environment in a condition suitable for effective function of the life processes. This is called Homeostasis.

Sometimes the external environment acts on us in ways that produce a crisis of adaption so that the body is unable to sustain function in the correct way. This results in a sickness in the individual which is then manifested in the results of various disease states labelled by the medical profession as – arthritis, pneumonia, influenza, nephritis, cardiac infarction etc.

Some crises are of the Acute type… In an Acute situation a sudden large problem will present itself…the condition will resolve itself when the presenting problem is over…or ends in Death.

Other crises may go on as smaller problems,  that continue at a low level for many months or years, and this will produce diseases of a Chronic nature,  in which  the situation is not resolved but the body processes have been permanently altered,  and this condition then persists with  various degrees of discomfort being experienced over perhaps many years until the death of the individual.

General Medicine works by actively changing the physical working of the body using physical doses of chemical medicines, so that the individual perceives that normal function has been restored. This is good in Acute situations as timely intervention by general medicines and specialised medical services can often save lives.

However, in cases of the Chronic type, long term use of medicines that change one aspect of the system will have a knock-on effect on other aspects of the system requiring more medication to allay these new problems. This is why people may start on one set of medication but may end up taking numerous types of drugs in order to maintain a sense of composure and continue with their life as if they are well.

This is why general practitioners talk of ‘Management of the Disease’ and this is not to be confused with health.


What Is Health?

“Health is a state in which all functions of the body perform in a systematic way” 

The highest ideal of any medical practitioner should be to remove all traces of the sickness from an individual “to cure as it is termed”. If someone is ‘cured’ then they will no longer need constant medication for the state of ‘health’ to be present. Homeopathic medicines will, when correctly prescribed, restore ‘Health’ to the individual, and with this the symptoms of the ‘disease’ will no longer need to be present.

Remember, the symptoms of disease are the results of an internal misalignment of body process brought about by the external factors. The physical symptoms are only the end result of the disease process.

So how do you recognise the sickness from within?


The Homepathic Method

One looks at the changes in the human character as a result of the problem; each human being, when faced with a problem will react in an individual way depending on a number of factors, these include – experience, upbringing, and inherent response mechanisms.

 We look at the behaviour of the individual in response to the disease.

“What they say, What they do, and How they do” in relation to their health, and as of a result of the disease.

 In order to choose the correct Homeopathic remedy from our pharmacy, we do not need to know the nature of the disease, we only need to know the changes to the nature of the man who is actually sick, and we do this through the art of conversation and observation of their outward characteristics.


Benefits Of Online Consultations

This is where it is advantageous to have the conversation over the multi- media interface, as the person can be in the safety of their own home, and as such may not feel so vulnerable to the questions posed by the homeopath and may be more inclined to answer honestly.

Also, there is not the added problem of having to visit a clinic, often many miles from the home with the added expense that that entails, with parking and fuel costs etc. as well as the time cost in travel to and from the appointment, inconvenience and loss of earnings.


What Is Entailed In A Homeopathic Conversation?

In a Homeopathic conversation, it is necessary to find out the start of the problem, the events that were occurring in the life of the individual around the time the problem occurred, the emotional responses that the problem brings up in the individual and the emotional connection the individual had to any appertaining events.

It is also useful to learn of parental relationships, if any, the interaction with their peers, and their life aims and goals, as well as the current circumstances that are present in the patient’s life. often a chronic problem may have its root in a previous experience that has been “bandaged over” and has reappeared in the present context which has some similarity to the initial stimulus.


What Are The Homeopathic Medicines?

Homeopathic medicines are made from any and all materials that may occur in the visible world, and some that are from the invisible, they are divided into Animal, Vegetable, and Mineral Remedies but there is also an extra category called Imponderabilia, which includes types of radiation, sunlight, moonlight, microwaves, ultraviolet infrared etc.

The medicines are made by a process developed in the late 18th century by the German Doctor Samuel Hahnemann: It involves producing a “solution” of the substance in alcohol which is then “Potentized” through a process of "succussion" (striking the phial holding the solution a given number of  times against a hard leather bound book or similar ) and after each period of succussion a dilution by a factor of 10 or 100. In this way the medicines are potentized into smaller and smaller concentrations, but with each increase in potency the potential to bring about change is increased.

The method by which this process works is still mystifying but it seems that it has some connection to the strange properties and behaviour of water. The remedies are chosen by their similarity to the individualizing characteristics of the person’s disease state and it is this degree of similarity that determines the effectiveness or otherwise of the Homeopathic medicine.

The actions of the Homeopathic medicines are determined by ‘Provings’, in which groups of healthy people take small doses of the potential remedy until they develop symptoms of disease; the symptoms produced by the provers are collated and from this a picture of the type of disease process that this medicine will produce is developed.

The Principal of Similars or ‘Like Cures Like’ is the basis for the prescription of any particular homeopathic medicine, the characteristic symptoms of the presenting patient is compared with the proving symptoms of the homeopathic medicines, and the homeopathic medicine that most closely resembles the presenting complaint is then chosen.

Although Homeopathy does not make any claims for the traditional diagnosis of disease. Classification of the patient’s problem is assigned the name of the medicine that is most similar to the presenting symptoms. This can be an advantage because often general medicine cannot prescribe until they have the diagnosed what is the disease is;  often I have had clients come to me telling me that they know they are unwell  and are in a state of discomfort and / or distress but the medical profession keep telling them that their tests are all clear and there is nothing wrong.

We know test results can be lost, mixed up or wrong from the hundreds of cases taken against hospitals etc. for mismanagement of patient’s cases, so an added advantage of Homeopathy is that one can prescribe simply from what you can observe from the demeanour and the conversation of the patient. Invasive and sometimes painful procedures can be avoided, and the patient does not have to take continuous doses of medicines. The aim is to bring the person back to the position that they do not need medical support.

Food and oxygen are taken in by the individual, the body processes, absorb and converts these substances into life supporting functions and the waste is eliminated. If either the absorptive or the waste disposal mechanism is compromised, then disease will result. Homeopathic medicines will, when correctly prescribed, improve the absorptive process or help the body eliminate more efficiently.


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"I graduated from the Practical School of Homeopathy in 1996 and then progressed on to the Jeremy Sherr "Dynamis School" from where I was accredited with a Diploma as "Practitioner of Classical Homeopathy" I further studied Natural Nutrition and Iridology and have been registered with the Irish Institute Of Iridology since 2005. since then I have continued with practitioner development both with Jan Scholten, in the Netherlands and the Sehgal Brothers Revolutionised Homeopathic Method."


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