Expert Quick Bits March 15th

15 March 2019

Expert Quick Bits March 15th

From your body's immunity to a passion for physics, view this week's round-up of some shorter Expert submissions.



Your Immune System and the Fight Against Cancer

by Marybeth Masterson




My name is Marybeth Masterson and I am a cancer survivor. First and foremost I want you to know that a cancer diagnosis does not mean your life will end. We’ve come a long way nutritionally and medically over the years and the number of survivors is constantly increasing. It’s a challenge that none of us wants to deal with but it is just that, a challenge, and you are strong and capable.

Still, I know how scary it can be to hear that diagnoses and my heart goes out to you for all that you're going through whether you’ve been diagnosed with cancer or a loved one has. I know how hard it is to be on both sides of the coin.


The main thing I learned throughout my journey was how important a strong immune system is and I took many steps to ensure that mine was a fighting machine.

I would be happy to share with you all the steps I took and continue to take to make sure my body has what it needs to thrive. Whether it's a cancer diagnosis or any other disease or you just want to make sure your immune system is strong to prevent disease then feel free to contact me and I will do my best to help you achieve your goals.


About the author


"As a health coach I'm committed to helping you feel your best. I am a cancer survivor who chose a holistic approach to healing rather than conventional medicine. I specialize in helping the digestive system and strengthening the immune system. These two systems are critical to overall wellness. Whether you choose conventional treatment or not it's imperative that you support your immune system. I look forward to doing my best to help you thrive!"


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Physics is the Mathematical Story of Nature

By Oliver Jovanovic




I am passionate about physics and the technological advances of humanity. We, the humans, are the only species on this planet that will, hopefully, be capable of space colonization which is a necessity for the long-term survival of Earth’s living beings. 


About physics:

I am a physics teacher and tutor. Physics is the mathematical story about nature. I always try to explain to others the true nature behind the story, in the simplest possible way:

For Example: Archimedes' principle – “The buoyant force on a submerged object is equal to the weight of the liquid displaced by the object.”

My story to the students: Imagine a barrel full of water. As you step inside; you see that some of the water is spilled and you feel lighter for the weight of the water that you displace.

(Water does not have to leave the vessel, remember that you feel the same in the river and the sea).


About innovation:

By becoming accustomed to observing nature through the lens of physics, you can uncover numerous solutions for technological problems. People tend to deal with science stories, and not much with the true nature behind the descriptions. As Werner Heisenberg once said (I'm paraphrasing): “We are in danger of misjudging menu for lunch”. 


About the author


"I graduated general physics at Belgrade University 2012. I was a physics teacher in a local medical high school (2 years). Physics, calculus and algebra expert on CourseHerro and Chegg; now primary school physics teacher, innovation consultant and aspiring science book author. Rewards: 1) “Methods for Detecting and/or Removing Air from Moving Fluids” (innocentive) 2) “NASA Challenge: Strain Measurement of Vectran and Kevlar Webbin (innocentive) *Invited online participant NASA “Asteroid initiative”.


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