3 Common Misconceptions Regarding Fussy Eating

08 March 2019

3 Common Misconceptions Regarding Fussy Eating

by Aliya Porter


1) Fussy eaters are fussy because their parents haven't been strict enough with them about food.

This is not true. There are lots of reasons why children are fussy. It could be because they are not well and so food tastes different or makes them feel unwell when they eat it. It could be a way of them exercising control or trying to get attention. It could be due to a change in circumstances like moving house or the arrival of a new sibling. The key thing is to stay calm and to ask for help. The GP is a good place to start to check there is nothing medically wrong. I have supported lots of parents. I always get them to see their GP first before we work on behalf interventions.


2) Fussy eaters only eat junk food.

I have met plenty of fussy eaters who will only eat fruit. For parents of children who won't eat fruit and vegetables the children who do are like the dream but when your child has all the same tantrums about eating protein foods and is not gaining weight, the same anxieties and family struggles apply. Each child is different and each family needs different support.


3) Fussy eaters will grow out of it so I don't need to seek help.

If a fussy eater doesn't get the nutrition they need as a child, they may not be able to catch up when they 'grow out of it'. Fussy eating can also mask underlying health issues so it is important to get your child checked out. Some children will grow out of it but not all will and even if you can reduce the length of time it takes to grow out of the fussiness and the stressful meal times, I think it is worth getting support.


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