Acceptable Use Policy

Last Updated August 1st 2017

Expertise Direct Ltd has drafted this Acceptable Use Policy in order to ensure correct usage of our platform and to protect all of our users from any and all illegal or unintended use of our platform. It is important to know that at Expertise Direct Ltd, we reserve the right to change and update our policies for any reason we deem necessary and at any time we deem appropriate. By using our website, you hereby agree to this policy and all other terms and conditions set out in our terms and conditions (T & C’s) section. Below you will find our code of conduct including that which we consider to be unacceptable usage.

Our Philosophy

We at Expertise Direct Ltd aspire to ‘Change the way that business is conducted today’. In doing so we feel it necessary to outline expected behaviour which we deem correct usage and to outline the various ways in which we feel our platform should not be used.

Requirements for Use of Expertise Direct

  • There is a minimum call charge of 1 dollar (or the equivalent value in different currencies).
  • The minimum requirement for the use of expertise direct includes: a webcam, appropriate internet connection and an online payment method.
  • All users are required to ensure that there is enough money in their PayPal account to cover consultation costs with the experts.
  • All users must agree to pay their bill in full upon completion of consultation with their chosen expert. This payment will be deducted automatically from their PayPal account upon completion of their consultation with their chosen expert.

Prohibited Use of Expertise Direct

The following is a list

  • The sharing, posting or use of any content that could be seen as pornographic, immoral, obscene or in any other way offensive to any subjective, reasonable person.
  • Damaging the good name of Expertise Direct or any other expert or consumer on the site or person in general, regardless of their affiliation to the website by posting, linking or sharing through video consultation, false, altered, unfair, discriminatory, racist, defamatory, or otherwise unsuitable content.
  • Any conduct that would violate copyright law or that could be seen in any way as a form of plagiarism without correct referencing and acknowledgement.
  • Providing advice on issues or concerns falsely, by claiming that you are an expert in such an area or by pretending you have knowledge of a certain area.
  • Registering under a category that you are not qualified to give advice under. For example registering under the lawyer category when you yourself are not in fact a lawyer or signing up as an English tutor when you yourself are not proficient in the use of the English language or sufficiently qualified to be giving exam advice to students.
  • Using the site to gather personal information on consumers and or experts in an unethical, fraudulent manner.
  • Sending Spam emails or any other type of mass emailing.
  • Harassment of any of our users.
  • Any form of blackmail or any other illegal or immoral practices.
  • Misrepresenting your skills as an expert, giving knowingly false information or information that is not knowingly false but information that an objective, reasonable party would expect an expert in a particular field to know.
  • Falsely representing yourself as someone that you are not, or claiming affiliation to a certain person, company, service, entity or brand that you are not in fact associated with.
  • Allowing any other person other than yourself to use your account as an expert and conduct business on your behalf, without informing the client and receiving their approval.
  • Falsely claiming an affiliation or employment relationship with Expertise Direct which you DO NOT have as an expert on our site.
  • Interfering in any way with Expertise Direct Ltd.’s platform in any way that could be considered damaging.
  • Using Expertise Direct to spread viruses or any other type of malware.
  • Attempting to gain access to a profile that is not yours.
  • Any misuse of our platform and its resources that could be considered by a reasonable, objective individual to be incorrect or unethical.
  • Billing consumers incorrectly or fraudulently by changing your fee last minute without giving reasonable notice to your client and receiving acceptance from them. Included in this is billing clients for time not spent working with them, for instance by leaving a call running and not returning.

Consequences for misuse and Enforcement of Policies

Expertise Direct Ltd reserves the right to suspend or terminate any user’s account for misuse or violation of any of our terms of use or any other terms or conditions we may have. We also reserve the right to investigate any reported misconduct and in doing so use personal information stored on the website whenever necessary to assist in appropriate law enforcement investigation of our users. If we deem any activity to be illegal or possibly illegal, we hold the right to disclose the relevant information including the personal information you have entered into our site to the relevant law enforcement authorities.

If you feel there has been any misconduct occurring on Expertise Direct, do not hesitate to contact us at and we will seek to resolve any issue as soon as possible. By using our site you also agree to support us in any investigation we may have and provide us with all relevant information we may ask of you.

Governing Laws

This Acceptable Use Policy is to be governed under Irish Law including but not limited to The Electronic Commerce Act 2000, The Child Trafficking and Pornography Act, 1998 (amended in 2004), The Criminal Damage Act 1991, The Criminal Justice (Theft and Fraud Offences) Act 2001, and the Data Protection act 1998 and 2003. By using our website you agree that the courts of Ireland have exclusive jurisdiction over relevant issues.